Understanding Picasa (under development)

This article (when finished) will describe in detail how Picasa web albums manages photographs. In the meantime, it's just a stub, put here because I published under this topic heading a long time ago, and never finished it. Apologies for any inconvenience.

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On your PC, file are stored in folders, and folders can have sub-folders inside them.

In the Picasa application program on your PC, photos are stored in folders, which correspond to folders on your PC.   But there are also albums, which are not the same as sub-folders on the PC:  an album is a collection of links to photographs within their folders, not of photographs themselves.   So if you delete an album, you aren't necessarily deleting the photos too.   (NEED TO DOUBLE CHECK THIS)

The same thing is true in Picasa-web-albums:   you can create albums, which are logical collections of photographs, and indeed slideshows of these albums.

... more, including diagrams, coming soon

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