Finding the URL of a Page

You can easily find the URL of the Pages in your Blog, even if you haven't used the Pages gadget supplied by Blogger.

Navigating Pages in Blogger

Previously I've described the so-called "static" pages feature that Blogger introduced. This lets you create up to 10 stand-alone pages.

Blogger intended your visitors to access these pages using the Pages-gadget, which contains a link to the Pages you choose to show in it.

But many people would prefer to make their own navigation gadget / menu-bar, which has inks to a number of different pages, posts and labels in the one gadget.   And to do this, they need to find out the URL of each Page (etc) that they want to include.

Finding the URL of a Page

From the Blogger Dashboard, choose the Posting > Edit Pages tab.

For each Page that is listed, either:
  • Right-click on the View button for the page, 
  • Choose Copy-link-location (or similar the specific command - depends on your browser)
  • Click on the View button, to open the page:  
  • Copy the URL from your browser's address bar.

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