Inserting an animated picture into your blog

This article has detailed steps for inserting an animated picture into your blogspot blog.  

Previously I've given detailed instructions for inserting a picture into a Blogger post and inserting a picture into your blog's sidebar.

However some people have reported that if they upload an animated picture from their PC, these instructions don't work correctly:  the picture is uploaded but animation is missing.
The work-around seems to be to upload the picture to a hosting site (like Picasa) first - independently of blogger.  Then note the URL of the uploaded file, and enter it as:
  • The web-address (URL) during the picture upload process, or

  • The URL when you use the Picture gadget.

You can then manipulate the uploaded picture as per any other picture (ie for gadgets, drag the gadget around in the Layout / Page Elements view, or drag the picture or manually relocate the HTML for images that are inside posts.

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