Tools for measuring and managing your blog-site's progress

This article lists tools and suggestions that I want to remember for promoting and measuring the "success" of blogs and blogsites ("real" web-sites made with blogging tools).

Measurement Tools and Techniques

Website Grader by HubSpot
Free.  Gives you a mark out of 100, and a report with suggestions for improvements.  You need to give them an email address, but the report is provided on-line.

Blog-grader by HubSpot
Free.  Gives you a mark, but it's not quite clear what it's out off.   Ranks based on how often you post, and how many words per post.  Includes a table of number of posts by week-day and time-of-day.

Promotional Ideas

Link your blog and the social networks

Write about local businesses that don't have websites of their own

Submit listings to search engines:

Submit listings to directories:

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