Getting an old-style (Layout or Classic) template for your blog

This article is about how to apply a Layout or Classic template to your blog, instead of a Designer template.

During 2010,  Google made the Template Designer available as the standard tool for selecting and customizing your blog template.

But there may be situations where you want to use an older style template (eg, if you want to make a shadow or testing blog for an existing one, or if you want a template that uses the entire screen-width without borders).

At first glance, this option appears to have gone.   But fortunately, it's just tucked away in a remote corner:

How to Select a Layout or Classic Template

Go to the Design > Edit HTML tab.

Scroll to the bottom of the screen (underneath the bottom of the code-box).

There you will see new links that let you choose a Layout or Custom Template.   Click the one you want, and it opens a screen that works just like the old Blogger screens did.

(Remember that "... you will not have access to many new features... " if you use one of these templates.)

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