Blogger and Firefox 4

A list of issues and observiations about using Blogger with Firefox 4 (released in March 2011).

What's this all about?

Firefox 4 is now released.   I'm usually slow to take upgrades - I'd rather let other people find and fix any problems first.  But I had issues with 3.6, so decided to try it.

This post is a list of what I've observed: hopefully it will help to other Blogger users who are thinking about upgrading.

It's early days, I only upgraded last night, so it's possible that I'll find a problem that's so bad that I need to downgrade again.   This list isn't complete - I'll be updating it as I go along.   If you'd like to add anything to add, please leave a comment.

What I've noticed, or seen other people mention:

  • Everything in Blogger looks a bit sharper.    (This is fine for me - must remember that some of my visitors won't see things that way.)
  • The solution I'd found to make a table with fixed header and scroll bars on the body of isn't working any more   (definitely need to find a better one)
  • Once I've clicked the Facebook "recommend" link on a page, it just goes grey, but doesn't show the number of people who've recommended it.
  • Other people have posted about issues with the order that uploaded pictures are displayed in.   (keeping this in mind, it may not turn out to be an issue for me though).
  • Editing Google custom maps:  in FF4, it's not possible to change the order of the items in the left-hand map key by drag-and-dropping them:  this was possible in FF3.6, and does working in IE8.x.   (Not strictly Blogger-related, but I'm using Google Maps heavily for one of my sites).


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