Hiding your blog's attribution gadget, using a CSS rule

This article is about how to hide your blog's attribution gadget using a CSS rule.  

It is part of a series about removing the attribution gadget from blogs which have designer templates.


I have not checked the Blogger Terms and Conditions to find out whether you are allowed to remove the Attribution.   Even if they don't mention it today, a requirement to keep the statement could be added tomorrow.   This advice does not mean that I, or Google/Blogger, are saying that you should/can/may/must remove the attribution statement.

Previously I have described what the attribution gadget is, and the concerns that a number of people have with it.

It's been a bit of a cat-and-mouse game with Blogger since I put up my first post on the subject:  I think up a new way to take the the attribution gadget out of my blog, they put in some code to put back in again the next time I edit the template.

However, as at right now:

How to remove the attribution by hiding it:

One way of removing "powered by Blogger" from your blog is to hide it.   To do so, simply add this rule to your template:
#Attribution1 {display: none;}

(See Adding a new formatting rule to your blog for more information about doing this.)

Note:  Hiding elements on your blog can have downsides, if the search-engines think that you are trying to deceive them.   Use this technique at your own risk.

Mobile template blogs:

The approach above only works on your non-mobile template.   If you have enabled a custom mobile template, you can either use the standard way of removing your attribution from your mobile blog, or by adding a 2nd rule:

.mobile #Attribution1 {display: none;}

Give credit, too:

And as always - I do recommending adding an alternative attribution gadget, which gives credit where it's due.


If this rule doesn't work and you have tried several other approaches on the same template, your gadget may now be called  Attribution2 or even Attribution3.   Look at your template (Design > Edit HTML) and search for "attribution" to find out what the correct digit is, and modify the rule to use it.

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