The Attribution gadget has a "Remove" button - for today anyway.

For now, you can manage the attribution gadget on your Blogger blog in much the same way as any other gadget.  Congratulations to Blogger for listening to what we wanted, and making this change.

What's this about

When Google introduced Designer Templates, they included a new Attribution gadget, which puts a line about "Powered by Blogger" at the bottom of each blog.  Bloggers could add extra information to this line, but couldn't change the core message.

Unlike most other gadgets, the Attribution gadget didn't have a Remove button.   So Blogger-users put a lot of effort into finding ways to remove the attribution, and Google put a lot of effort into detecting that it was removed and putting it back again - sometimes in the "right" place in the footer, sometimes at the bottom of the sidebar.  

Today, someone pointed out that the gadget now has a remove button, so you can remove it the "normal" way.

Does it work?

And when I tested it a few minutes, it the attribution gadget appeared to stay removed:  I couldn't see it back in the sidebar or anywhere in my blog's footer.

That doesn't guarantees that the button will stay there:  it could easily be a mistake that's been made.   And if it is, I'd expect that the Remove button will disappear again one day soon.

So if you want to use the Remove button instead of taking the risks involved in editing your template in order to get rid of the attribution, then I'd recommend acting quickly.

Getting the attribution back

The attribution gadget isn't in the list shown under Design > Page Elements > Add a Gadget at the moment.

So if you remove it, then you cannot add it back.

If you really want it back, you will either need to pick a new template or build your own attribution using a HTML or text-gadget

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