Options in Blogger's post-editor: where to find them

This article explains where to find the options for each post or page, in both the updated and older Blogger.

Where to find Post Options / Options:

Each individual post in Blogger has options that can set for it, including
  • The date it was (or is to be) published, 
  • How to handle HTML in the post
  • Whether to allow comments
  • Label(s) that are applied to it
These values for these are set in the Post Settings-Options / Post Options area:

In post-Sept-11 Blogger (the "new" interface)
The Post Settings bar is on the right hand side of the screen:  Click on Post Settings (unless it's already open), and under that there are separate sections for
  • Options (it has a gear-wheel beside it), 
  • Location, 
  • Published on 
  • Labels  

This shows the current values.for the post:  after you have changed them, you can press the Done button to hide that section again.

In pre-Sept-11 Blogger (the "old" interface)
Post Options is at the bottom of the post-editor screen, like this:.

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