Making every post appear on a separate page

You can set your blog up so that only one post is shown at a time - provided you don't use a Dynamic template, and you don't use Label or Archive pages.

One Post per Page?

One options that confuses some people is how to set up their blog up so that only one post shows up on each "page" or screen of their blog, and there is a complete break between the posts.

This is fairly easy to set up, you just need to understand a little about the types of screens that Blogger uses to display your posts, and how they can be manipulated and used - or importantly not used.

Most people refer to the screens that their blog as "pages".   However I try not to use that word, because the Pages feature in Blogger is quite different.  See "The Difference between pages and posts" for more about this.

The types of screen in your blog:

If your blog has a Designer or Layout template (ref  What templates does my blog have) then Blogger offers these major "views" of it:
  • The main screen
  • The posts-by-label screen, which shows all the posts (or the most recent however-many posts) that have a label that you or the visitor selects
  • The posts-by-archive screen, which shows all the posts (or the most recent however-many posts) made in a time-period that your visitor selects
  • The pages screen, which shows only one page at a time
  • The post screen, which shows only one selected post at a time.

Visitors see the post  screen when they navigate to the URL of an individual post.   In Blogger-HAT, for example, most visitors are from a search engine or a referral from the  Help Forum.   These people always follow a link to a specific post, so they see the post-screen showing only that post.

You cannot control how many posts are shown on the label or archive view - that is simply not how these screens work.

Similarly, you don't have full control how many posts are shown on the main screen:   you can make a suggestion (up to 500), but Blogger's auto-pagination rules decide how many post are actually shown, and how many are behind the "older posts"link.

But, you can set your blog up so that only a single post is ever shown on the main screen.  And if you do that, you may want to

  • not use the Labels gadget (which shows the posts-by-label screen) 
  • not use the archive gadget (which shows the posts-by-archive screen)

because these screens always show more than one post-per-screen.

How to show one post at a time on the main screen:

In Blogger-2011:
  • Choose the Options drop down from the main menu, 
  • Choose the Settings > Posts and Comments panel from the left sidebar.  
  • Enter one (1) into the Show at most field
  • Click Save Settings in the top right hand corner of the screen.

In pre-2011 Blogger:
  • Either  Go to Settings > Formatting, and set Show at most X posts on the main page  to 1
    Go to Design > Page Elements > edit Blog Posts,  and set Maximum posts per page to 1
  • Click Save Settings in the bottom left corner of the screen.

(Yes, these commands both talk about "page", but they mean "the main screen".)

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