Google Drive will eventually replace Docs - but not yet for most of us.

If you use Google Docs as a file-hosting option, then the recent announcement of Google Drive probably has you wondering how Docs will be affected: there's a marketing announcement on the Docs Blog, but it has a distinct lack of detail on how it will work.

But this announcement on the to Google Apps blog has more info.  Key points:

  • Initial access is "on an opt-in basis via invite at"
  • It's being released to Google Apps users first: It will be made available to all domains over the next 4-8 weeks.
  • But [eventually] Google Drive will become the default andwill replace the documents list as the way to access files and documents.

It is introducing many changes and new features to Google Docs, including:

  1. A Google Drive desktop application, available from the Chrome Web Store
  2. A mobile application for your iPhone or iPad
  3. Sync files between all of your devices with Google Drive for your Mac/PC
  4. A different kind of search tool across your own files
  5. In Google document, spreadsheet, or presentation editors, you can add a file to a folder by clicking the folder icon
  6. Collections are called folders
  7. More options on the Settings menu
  8. More views on the left navigation: "My Drive", "Shared with me", "Activity"
  9. My Drive (instead of home) to organize all of your files, folders and Google Docs.

Note that you will not see any of these changes until Drive is available to you.   In the meantime, Docs continues to work as it has been working.

If you are a domain administrator, notice that Google Docs has been renamed to "Drive and Docs" in the Google Apps control panel, and that there are new settings in this service.


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