Removing the attribution gadget from mobile template blogs

This article is about removing the "Powered by Blogger" statement from the bottom of blogs that have a mobile template.

Blogger and attribution gadgets. 

Picture of a cellphone with "Powered by Blogger" taking up screen space
Previously I've described the attribution gadget that Blogger has added to blogs with designer templates, and various ways of removing it.

This was a real game of cat-and-mouse:   I found a way to delete the gadget, Blogger's engineers put in code to add it back in again if you removed it using that method.  But eventually I found some methods that haven't stopped working - or maybe Google saw the logic in my arguments and gave up trying. 

(For the record, I show the gadget on most of my blogs, but really didn't want it on one particular blog that is really powered by Google custom Maps:  Blogger is just a nice wrapper around the custom maps that it shows.)

Now a reader has asked about getting rid of the attribution from a blog that uses a mobile template. This is easy provided you accept the risks of editing your template.

How to remove the attribution from a mobile template:

Edit your template in the usual way - you don't need to expand the widget templates.

Use the browser search tool to find this statement:
<b:widget id='Attribution1' locked='true' mobile='yes' title='' type='Attribution'/>
The number after the word "attribution" may be different, if you've tried several other ways to remove the "powered by Blogger" statement.   This doesn't matter - just make sure the same number is used in the original statement and the replacement one.

Replace it with this statement
<b:widget id='Attribution1' locked='true' mobile='no' title='' type='Attribution'/>

Save your template .

And that should be "job done".

It is a good idea to check what your blog looks like on a mobile device.    If you find that this approach  doesn't work for your blog, please leave a comment including your blog's URL - in case there are some conditions that I've missed.

Note:   test so far make me thing that this setting is kept even if you change which mobile template your blog uses, and even if you switch off the mobile template and then switch it off again later.

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