Wordle tag clouds - a logo maker for hard-to-illustrate blogs?

One of my blogs is about some very abstract concepts, which are ever-so-slight difficult to illustrate in a way that's meaningful to the very wide range of readers.

Today I discovered Wordle - a tool that creates free-to-use graphic arrangements from lists of words - for example the words used in a website.   http://www.wordle.net/create

Here's one for Blogger-HAT, to give you an idea - but there are lots of options and customizations, so lots of looks that can be achieved.

After you've made a wordle, the easiest way (IMHO) to get it into your blog is to do a screenshot, then use Paintbrush (or some other very simple picture-editor) to save it as a PNG file).   The it can be loaded to your blog like any other picture.


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