Converting Posts into Pages

This article looks at how to make an existing Post into a Page, using the Pages feature introduced in Feb 2010.  It is is part of a series about the Pages feature in Blogger.


There is no automatic way to convert one of your existing Posts into a Page:  you simply need to do each one individually - if you really want to use pages at all.

In short, you need to copy the title contents into the "Page Title" field, and go into Post Options and check that the comments option is correct.

The best way to ensure that the Page looks exactly the same as the Post did is to copy and paste the HTML for the page contents.  The steps to follow to do this are listed here.

Note that this is quite different from (making it look like you have) displayed posts inside your pages.  And that there are some important differences between pages and posts.

How to convert a Post into a Page

  1. Go into the Posting / Edit Posts tab, and edit the post that you want to convert.
  2. When the post-editor opens, choose Edit HTML mode (currently in the top right hand corner)
  3. Check the Post Options values:  set Edit HTML Line Breaks to "Use <br /> tags"
  4. Select all the contents of the of the editor window (click in it and press Ctrl/A), and Copy them.
  5. Choose the Posting / Edit Pages tab
    (Press Ok if the system asks if you want to leave the page without saving)
  6. Click New Page., or select a page that you've already created.
  7. When the page-editor opens, enter a title.
    This is what shows up on the Pages menu, and in the Title field inside the blog if you're showing it.
  8. Check the Post Options values:  comments and backlinking if you want them, interpreting vs just showing HTLM, and also set Edit HTML Line Breaks to "Use <br /> tags"
  9. In the editor, choose Edit HTML mode (top right hand corner)
  10. Paste the contents that you copied earlier
    Usually done with Ctrl/V, or Edit/Paste from the browser menu:  this puts the contents from Step 3 into the Page.
  11. Choose Publish Page
  12. Choose an option for how you want the Pages Gadget to appear
  13. Press Save and Publish.
  14. View your blog, and make sure that you are happy with the new page.
  15. Optional:   Go back to Edit Posts, and Delete the post that you have converted.  (If you don't delete it, remember that you now have the contents in two separate places:  the original Post, and the new Page).

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