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This article is about making so-called sub-pages in Blogger.

Blogger and Pages

Hoagie Hero Sub Sandwich
Since Blogger introduced Page, people have been asking "how do I put my posts into pages" and "how do I make sub-pages.

It's not always clear what the second question means.  

In some cases, it's about making sub-menus.  This isn't something that Blogger supports, although there are work-around.   I haven't  explored  them yet, but check the Blogger-Helpers-Search, there are lots of people who've described ways to do it.

In other cases, it's simply want other posts or pages being pointed to from the first page, and this is simple enough: just edit he Page, and use the Page-editor to make a link to anywhere you want.  

If the place that you're linking to needs to be a Post (because you are only allowed 10 Pages, and there is no way around this limit), then you may want to give it a post-date that is in the past (set the date under Post Options).

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